October 8, 2015


Black & Gold Clubmasters c/o Freyrs, Custom "Dolly & Charlie" Necklaces c/o Jane Basch Jewelry, Plaid Pleated Dress from Papaya, Double Buckle Belt from Forever 21, Custom Fit Over-The-Knee Suede Boots c/o Ted & Muffy

Photos by Unbearably Stylish

For the past two months, you may have observed I have been on a break from blogging. I have not been doing too well emotionally, but having taken time off to try to find myself again emotionally and creatively has helped me immensely. I've been rediscovering my love for styling and photography, and I can't thank those of you enough who have continued to support me and keep up with my blog despite the ups and downs!

As someone who is emotionally driven, my outfits have always meant more than just the aesthetic pleasure. They serve as an outlet for all my emotions—both the high and low ones. So I hope you will continue to stick with me as I share my outfits, and similarly, my emotional journey and growth. <3

In my hiatus, I did turn 20 on September 13th! And I had a birthday photoshoot with my beloved dogs, Dolly and Charlie :) It is thanks to Jane Basch that my longing for necklaces with their names on them has finally been fulfilled! Literally and figuratively, I always get to keep them close to my heart and that brings me a lot of joy and comfort.

A bold red dress never fails to make me feel confident, especially styled with a pair of amazing, over-the-knee boots. This gorgeous pair is from Ted & Muffy, a new footwear brand that has a fairytale fit promise. They made these boots to my exact calf circumference! What more can you ask for? :) If you have trouble finding boots with a smaller or larger calf circumference, I would personally just skip the hassle and get custom made ones from Ted & Muffy!

All I needed to complete the look was a wide belt to cinch in the waist of the dress, and a pair of clubmaster sunglasses from Freyrs that perfectly accented the gold and black tones already in my outfit. The style of these sunnies are my ultimate favorite. They match with everything and the gold rims photograph so well. I owned a pair a long time ago but I let someone borrow them and they went missing :( Thanks Freyrs for restoring me with my favorite sunnies! They've got so many affordable styles, both classic and more trendy, and in a ton of colors. I'll be showcasing more of them to you in my upcoming posts!

I know this is a long post but I did have some explaining to do about the past two months ;) And I'm certainly pretty excited to be blogging again in general! Thank you to all my readers, both the ones who've stuck around for so long and the new ones too! <3

August 16, 2015


Hi guys! Yesterday, on August 15th, I attended the Teen Vogue x Great Mall, back to school shopping event! (For those of you who have never been to the Great Mall, it is an outlet mall in Milpitas, CA owned by Simon Malls and if you are ever in the Bay Area, you will find some amazing deals there if you stop by!) At the event, there were lots of fun things for shoppers to enjoy like hair and beauty stations, flash tattoos, a live DJ, yummy drinks, and of course the endless amounts of pastries! Here is my event recap—I hope you enjoy! :)

Left to right, from top row to bottom row:

1. Me after getting both my hair and makeup done! I tried out the upcoming trends for this fall: a messy braid and smoked out liner :) I love both these looks so much!

2. Getting my makeup done by makeup artist, Megan Mortenson who also has quite the following on IG! Follow her @makeupstraightup <3 She's based in the Bay Area too!

3. Delicious pastries by local Milpitas bakery, Le Reve.

4. My sister, Michelle, at the flash tattoo station getting a pineapple tattoo!

5. Lots of tattoo designs to choose from :) I took home some feather tattoos, an arrow, and some tiny stars!

6. Michelle getting her makeup applied by Angela who is also a Bay Area based makeup artist! You can follow her on IG @glambyangela <3

7. Group photo with the awesome ladies who did our lovely makeup.

8. At the hair station now, as hairstylist, Vanessa, shows me how to achieve the messy side braid.

9. Back view of the side braid! I love how it makes my hair drape so nicely. Vanessa works at Shampoo Dolls salon in San Jose :)

10. My full outfit: black and white and LOTS of lace.

11. Group photo with my boyfriend's sister, Jessica, and my sister! 

12. Thank you Great Mall for having us, and especially to Lynne Rice, their Director of Marketing & Business Development, for making our experience so much fun! <3 This gift bag has the most awesome things too, including my first selfie stick, and some things you can never go wrong with, a Dave & Buster's charge card and lots of chocolate!

I hope you guys enjoyed the event recap! Teen Vogue and Simon Malls are having more back to school shopping events throughout August so there's a chance you can still attend one this month! You can check here to see if one will be going on near you!

July 28, 2015


Cage Back Dress from Motel Rocks, Skinny Belt from Forever 21, Patent Boots from Zara, Lenox Bucket Bag c/o Galian Handbags

This summer I've been doing a big revamping of my wardrobe. I cleaned out a large majority of my closet by getting rid of items I hardly got any wear out of, and after realizing almost all of my closet had previously been comprised of "statement" pieces and hugely lacked the basics, I started focusing on the importance of wardrobe essentials. Don't get me wrong, I love statement pieces—but when you're rushing in the morning to get to class, you just want to put something on quick that you know is comfortable, looks good, and coordinates well with lots of things.

For me, I like my essentials to be black. It's kind of an art school cliché to dress in all black all the time but black to me always looks effortlessly put together and it doesn't show stains from drawing materials. Not to mention that dressing in a monochrome palette makes it near impossible to make an outfit that doesn't match! ;) I have also been doing a lot of secondhand shopping online on sites like Vinted and Poshmark! You save a lot of money this way while also lessening your impact on the environment. 

This dress from Motel Rocks is something I found on Poshmark for only $8! I love the simple fit in the front and the unexpected caged details in the back. A skinny belt emphasizes the shape of this dress and a pair of chunky heeled boots dresses up the look without going too overboard. Lastly, I love how this bucket bag from Galian Handbags adds a pop of color to this outfit! I have been so obsessed with bucket bags and was super excited to find this one! You can fit quite a lot in it and the shape stays in place so well.

Hope you guys like these photos! I shot them yesterday at UC Berkeley in front of the Doe Library building :) Have a lovely week! x