July 20, 2012


Forever 21 Headband, Cross Necklace from eBay, Kyoto Japanese Maxi Dress c/o Sugarlips, Slave Bracelet c/o FunnyPeopleCo

It's been a long time since I've worn a hippie headband! When I first started posting to Lookbook, my style was very bohemian: lots of maxi skirts, headbands, and jewel tones; very goddess-inspired. And although my style has become much darker, I always like to draw my inspiration from the image of a strong female figure, whether it be a goddess or witchy sorceress. I was attracted to this Sugarlips dress because of the beautiful, moody colors in the print. As someone who is learning how to let go and relax more with my brush and pencil strokes when I paint or draw, I can really appreciate this watercolor inspired print! ;)

I thought this dress looked very much like the garb of a fancy apothecary or a water fairy. I tried to add a grunge element to it but my sister insisted I wear this headband of hers instead! Of course, once you throw on the headband with a maxi dress, the outfit always starts to look goddess-like! I also have on this amazing bracelet from FunnyPeopleCo! I've always admired these slave bracelets because they drape so nicely over your hand! I don't have many bracelets because my wrists are small and many of them always slip off but this one is adjustable so it fits snugly. They are also super affordable! FunnyPeopleCo has so many options under $15. I definitely recommend you take a look if you like the one I'm wearing! :)

PS: The title is a reference to Tom Hiddleston, if anyone caught it! I was obsessed with him when my friends thought he was just okay-looking in Thor... that is until The Avengers came around and so many people converted themselves into Tom Hiddleston fans! I've actually really been wanting to do a series of Avengers inspired looks. I already have an Iron Man look but I particularly want to do one inspired by Captain America and the Black Widow! ;)


  1. You look amazing in that dress! <3


  2. OMG! you are so pretty <3
    you look like a real pocahontas <33
    I'm your new follower <3


  3. Wow, you're gorgeous! I love your style! :D


  4. OMG!!!!!YOU ARE SOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!How can a person be so pretty?:)
    Ypur style is gorgeous,and I looove your blog!Im your new follower!Hope you can follow me too!Big kisses!

  5. Oh what a beautiful dress! The colors are insane and the print is beautiful! One of your best outfits! :D

  6. GORGEOUS!! Beautiful dress~ You certainly look very goddess-like! :D One of my favorite looks~~~~


  7. The bracelet is so pretty on your wrist! I love Tom Hiddleston, he definitely bloomed in The Avengers. I really hope he will be in Thor 2!

    Carmen Ri.

  8. gorgeous dress!

    Hayley xx

  9. amazing dress, amazing hair, amazing you :>

  10. That maxi looks AMAZING on you :) I love the slave bracelet, too I have one myself! (and one on the way from funnypeople!!!) :D

  11. I love this! Totally digging the sheer floral print, the delicate jewelry, and the fierce eye makeup! =)


  12. I love your hand jewelry, this is amazing!

  13. The print on the dress is really beautiful– it reminds me of some of Monet's later work, quite a bit actually. There's another artist too actually, but I can't remember his name at the moment, unfortunately. But! I always like when I can find those kind of links in outfits, haha. The bracelet is also quite nice, I think I'm gonna take a look at the site after this. Hope you had a good weekend! xx

  14. great dress!! i'm your new follower~~ hope you can check out my blog!

    Laura x


  15. your beautiful robe.J like it how you accessorize!


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