July 17, 2012


Wide Brim Hat c/o Oasap, DIY Cross Necklace, "Wednesday Addams" Dress c/o Romwe, Houndstooth Lace-Up Ankle Boot c/o Lulu's

I've been very into the whole white collar paired with black look! Inspired by Wednesday Addams, I think it gives the perfect spooky and witchy touch! I wanted to add something extra to the collar area so I wore this necklace adorned with mini crosses (actually a headpiece that I made but I wore it around my neck) underneath! To top everything off, I wore my John Proctor inspired hat and my new favorite shoes from Lulu's!! 

Even though I can't really say for sure if Sherlock Holmes actually wore houndstooth in any of the stories, but there is definitely a widespread association of houndstooth and detectives! But that's not the only reason I like them xD The black and white will add to its versatility and the true heel of the shoe is only 3 inches (5 inch heel, 2 inch platform). I don't find the shoes heavy either so they are easy to walk in without the constant feeling of impending doom. And they also make your legs look really long :)

Lulu's is also offering a coupon code to my readers for 15% off your total purchase sitewide, with the code: ART (Case Sensitive; Valid 7/18/12-7/22/12). Hopefully you guys find something you like and can make use of this coupon! ^^

PS: It might be kind of hard to tell but I finally got a haircut today!!! I only got 2.5 inches taken off but I think the ends look neater now!


  1. It's beautiful! I totally thought those were litas btw.

  2. I love the Addams family! And you really do look like Wednesday here! <3


  3. omg! You look amazing! I love your shoes.

  4. Great as always. this dress is so perfect :) could you please remove the verification code from comments? It's getting harder and harder to read this blogspot's shit!

  5. LOVE THIS!! Can I steal this outfit from you?!?! It's amazing!!!! The shoes are perfect with this outfit!


  6. Amazing dress ! I love your necklace


  7. ah, i never tire of the wednesday addams.... black and white and pale skin, perpetually chic and decadent. props to wearing so much black, and fabric, in this mad heat.


  8. Your dress rather reminds me of a kind of mod-esque school uniform– if school uniforms were a lot to be short and more minimalistic. I doubt students could complain about that haha. I love the houndstooth pattern in your shoes and that's great to hear about them being comfortable (they've always seemed not very to me, so maybe I'll have to get a pair now!) Thanks for sharing and hope you've been having a good week, Jen xx

  9. darling you are so gorgeous!!! Are you a model?

  10. love this look!kisses from Italy

  11. omg this is my favorite outfit of yours ever, I love Wednesday! That dress looks great on you :)

  12. I find on your blog basic ideas and well achieved.


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