September 7, 2012


Vintage Cross Necklace, Mesh Top c/o Shoppalu, Cosmic Print Knit Pants c/o Wasteland, Custom "Avengers" Laptop Case c/o Snupped, Patent Combat Boots from Target

I know I always freak out about my leggings but today my obsession has gone to a whole other level! Not only do I love the cool colors in the galaxy print, but the mesh stripe down the sides feeds right into my current obsession with anything that looks like netting. Naturally, I had to pair these leggings from Wasteland with my mesh tank top from Shoppalu, but even my awesome Avengers laptop case matched the same color palette! I also got these new patent combat boots from Target and I'm extremely pleased with them. They are comfortable yet heavy duty, and super shiny! For only $35, these were an incredible purchase. They come in both black and burgundy so you should definitely grab a pair while they are still in stock! There were literally only 3 pairs left at the Target I went to, 2 of them were 10s, and the last pair was a 7, which was my size-- it was meant to be!! :P

I also want to review my laptop case from Snupped for you guys! Not only did the company have great customer service when they were helping me through the custom design process, the printing quality of the case is so detailed and vibrant! It felt like I was looking at a Blu-ray photo! I selected this portion of the Avengers photo for the front, and then the Avengers logo for the back. You can choose the size of the case for your laptop model and the material of the case is tarpulin coated with PVC; it's squishy yet thick and durable. The interior is padded as well. Whether you want to buy one of their premade designs or make your own, these cases would make wonderful gifts and it really just brightens my day to own something that I'm so obsessed with! :) The package also came with these giant stickers featuring some of their other pre-made prints, but my sister took them from me :P 


  1. OMG. Leggings are super cool! *O* You would have an Avengers laptop so would... hahah (:


  2. Amazing leggings, love the mesh detail on them! Congrats on the great outfit! :)


  3. you look AWESOME! i so dig your outfit! especially those rockin leggings!

  4. You look amazing! I love the mesh top and it suits you perfectly xx

  5. Oh wow! An avengers laptop case! The combat boots look great with the outfit! I love your lip colour as well :)

  6. I love the leggings. The mesh detailing down the side is so unique. Seriously where do you find all these amazing clothes!?

  7. Love your leggings! And the little mesh detail perfectly matches your mesh top, love it :)

    xx maggie

  8. love the mesh strip down the side of those leggings!
    amazing outfit!!!
    Krissy xoxo

  9. Loving the mesh in this outfit. It's fantastic. The whole outfit works perfectly.

  10. you are amazing!

    stop by sometime?



  11. I love those crazy pants and I am now following you! Amazing blog!

  12. I absolutely love the whole outfit, am one of your blogger admirers, it is true that art lies in the blood

  13. Great photos! :)

  14. Oh my word, the Avengers bag...♥ Love it!
    Plus, one of the coolest pair of leggings I've seen around :)

    Trendy Teal

  15. i love your lip color!

  16. WOW those leggings are amazing! And I LOVE the burgundy boots from that link...I already have a pair of black knockoff Dr. martens and now i really want the burgundy ones! The black ones look amaaazing on you :)

  17. Stunning, woaah Jennifer you look so goooooood! <3

  18. OMG! I love this outfit!
    I'm your new follower <3 hope you'll follow me back :D

    The Celebrity Look

  19. Everything is so amazing, I want your laptop case!!

    Carmen Ri.

  20. Love this kind of edgy goth outfits :)
    love ur style :)
    You have such a remarkable blog! What do you think of following each other?
    WhiteCloset Fashion Blog


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