November 19, 2012


Vintage Cowboy Hat, Fuzzy Coat from Wasteland, Flower Child Cami c/o O-Mighty, Forever 21 Belt, Handmade Bleached Shorts c/o Paradox, Jeffrey Campbell Platform Sandals

Today I have a new favorite store to tell you guys about, O-Mighty!!! They are based in Singapore, so if you're from there, you have the lucky privilege of being able to shop at O-Mighty in person, and for that I am very jealous. Seriously, look at how awesome their store design is! Their clothes are very fun and one-of-a-kind; they have so many pieces that give me the "I have to have that!!!" reaction. Not like my closet could even fit 1/10th of the amount of clothes in there but you get what I mean. Their prices are very affordable too, with most items costing $13-25 USD. Definitely check out their store and there will be more upcoming outfit posts featuring O-Mighty garb this week! :)

For this look, I decided to go with a Cowboy-inspired look because something about this top reminded me of the Old West. I borrowed my mom's vintage cowboy hat, and accented it with this skinny belt from Forever 21. To stay warm, I threw on what I call my ratty-Sherlock Holmes robe (See picture here) that I got from Wasteland. 

And I FINALLY GOT TO MEET KENDALL from Galore, Beneath the Stars! She was my first friend who I made on Lookbook and she's just an all around great and funny person from our conversations online, so I'm so happy that I finally got to meet her in person :D I'll share some photos in my next post!


  1. I looove this themed look! Adorable. (:
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  2. This look is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for introducing us to this store! I live in Singapore and I can't wait to check it out.

    xoxo, Meera

  3. Literally just love everything from this look!


  4. LOVE the whole outfit!! Gorgeous! <3

  5. I really love your outfit<3
    By the way, how tall are you?
    You look really tall :D

  6. you look perfect! love your shorts! <3 x

  7. you look so stunning!
    I love your outerwear <3


  8. this is such a cool look. i like your burnt sienna hat and shaggy coat combo. the detailing of your top is also neat!

    pandaphilia fashion

  9. gorgeous outfit! Love it so much :)

    Hayley xx

  10. Love your blog, I'm your newest follower! Come to see my page if you want :)
    Kisses from Italy,Laura


    This outfit is amazing!! I love your shirt and jacket :)

  12. Love the fuzzy coat! Am checking out O'mighty now haha! :D


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